Irfan Khan

Designer/Developer from Pokhara, Nepal

Hello Everyone

Hi! I am Irfan, a multi-disciplinary designer based out of the beautiful Pokhara City and I design beautiful and functional websites and mobile applications.


I can do everything to help you get your business online & mobile. 



Bhatti Online, Ramro Vision, Food Maya and Irfan Food Products are some of the good examples of my branding projects.



I can help you promote your products or services by the use of social media platforms, websites and e-mails.


Graphic Design

I can help you by projecting visual communications intended to transmit specific messages to social groups, with specific objectives.



I have been working in the field of adventure photography for 5 years, including national and international projects. I need minimum to no supervision to get your photography project covered.



Motion graphics, Promo Video, Event coverage are my expertise. Examples of my work can be found on experience section.

Work Experience

I have over 6 years of experience and have the pleasure of working with some of the top companies across the globe.

Assignments Role Year Client
Stupa Cup - Run for Everyone Photographer & Brand Designer 2016 Freedom Adventures
Himalayan Rush Triathlon Photographer 2018 Himalayan Rush
Asian Enduro Series Photographer 2018 Gnarly
Basic Canyoning Course Videographer/Director 2017 Freedom Social Foundation
Mardi Backpacking Course Photographer/Videographer 2017 Freedom Social Foundation
Stepup Campaign Designer / Web Developer 2017 Stepup Campaign
Annapurna 100 Photographer 2018 Trail Running Nepal
KTM Series IT & Graphics 2018 - Present Von Kathmandu
Mount Annapurna Campus Branding and Motion Graphics 2018 Mount Annapurna Campus
Inspire Global Edication Branding and Motion Graphics 2018 Inspire Global Education
Freedom Adventures IT & Graphics 2016 - Present Freedom Adventures
Golden Trail World Series - Race Coverage Videographer/Director 2019 Government of Nepal
Fishtail Race Photographer 2019 Von Kathmandu & Himalayan Trail Running
Freedom Adventures
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vonKathmandu Logo white
Gnarly Logo Plain